About Guardian Promise

Guardian Promise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the financial security of pastors and their families.

Our organization was born when our Founders realized that the financial advisors, CPAs, and money managers that pastors often turned to were not understanding the particular needs and opportunities of those that work to advance the Gospel.

From unique tax advantages to the catch-22 of enjoying (and then losing at retirement) the housing allowance, pastors and their families needed a hub for financial resources that speak their language and address their unique situation.

Today, Guardian Promise is a pastor-driven organization committed to helping pastors and their families enjoy financial security and peace of mind both before and during retirement. We do this by helping pastors and their money managers understand how to maximize the tax advantages available to them while mitigating financial risks to create long-term sustainable income in retirement.

Our Leadership

Guardian Promise is led by a Trustee and Board of Advisors. Our leadership comes from a wide range of backgrounds, including pastors, CPAs, financial advisors, and money managers, whose expertise translates into better guidance for our organization and our members.

Ben Dailey

Advisory Board Member

Guy Baker

Advisory Board Member

Gary Hay


Michael Taylor

Advisory Board Member

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