Resources For Pastors

We have personally vetted these financial resources, so you can feel confident turning to them with your needs. Whether you want to protect your savings from economic downturns, provide dependable lifelong income, or maximize your tax advantages, these resources can help you do it while creating financial security for your family.

Wealth Teams Alliance –

Wealth Teams alliance offers a full spectrum of wealth management services, including Investment guidance, tax planning, retirement planning and legacy planning.

Retirement Plan Consultants –

The experienced retirement and investment professionals at RPC administer retirement plans for private and faith-based communities.


A Minister must know if he/she qualifies as a Minister for Tax Purposes in order to comply with federal tax laws. Churches must know if any of their employees are Ministers for Tax Purposes before they can comply with federal income tax withholding and reporting rules. Churches may think that a person is qualified as a Minister, but the IRS may not consider the same person as a Minister for Tax Purposes.

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