Guardian Promise is pastor-driven nonprofit that provides financial resources to pastors, their families, and pastoral teams.

Preserve your housing allowance after retirement

After retirement, pastors lose the housing allowance they’ve depended on all their lives. Our Plan Document will show your financial advisor how to preserve that allowance with IRS code 107 even after you retire, creating lifelong security for your family.

Preserve your housing allowance after retirement.

After retirement, many ministers do not realize the benefit of using housing allowance after depending on it their whole career. We educate ministers about how IRS code 107 applies to housing allowance in retirement and how preserving that allowance in retirement creates lifelong security for you and your family.

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Who is a Minister for Tax Purposes?

A Minister must know if he/she qualifies as a Minister for Tax Purposes in order to comply with federal tax laws. Churches must know if any of their employees are Ministers for Tax Purposes before they can comply with federal income tax withholding and reporting rules. Churches may think that a person is qualified as a Minister, but the IRS may not consider the same person as a Minister for Tax Purposes.

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    Financial Confidence = Peace of Mind

    Guardian Promise was born when our founders noticed the financial advisors and CPAs pastors were turning to, did not understand the unique needs of pastors and their families.

    Pastors spend their lives serving their communities and the Gospel. In turn, Guardian Promise serves these pastors. It is our mission to create long-term financial security for pastors and their families, so they can enjoy the peace that comes from feeling confident about their finances.

    Led by our Trustee and Board of Advisors, Guardian Promise provides educational and financial resources that help pastors take control of their financial future, preserve income tax advantages, protect their assets, and mitigate risk. We specifically focus on limiting unnecessary market exposure, which is critical to creating sustainable income in retirement.

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